Does My Home Styling Need A Theme?

Does My Home Styling Need A Theme?

Decorating a house is an exciting task. It’s definitely one of the most personal places to express your creativity. While you plan to go all-out in your design ventures, there is a lot you should consider before you get started. You’ll need to do some interior design research; there is an array of swatches available there to see, heaps of furniture that comes in all shapes and sizes, and there are plenty of hues to consider when it comes to deciding on a pallet. You should also consider adding beautiful outdoor furniture, as good styling extends to outdoor areas. While design and renovations can be a great outlet for your creativity (and a generator of positive energy), it can also be a stressor, if things get to an overwhelming stage. It can be tough to deal with the many choices you may be presented with along the process. That’s why it’s important to narrow all these choices and options down to a specific theme.

When it comes to styling your home, there are several themes to choose from. But before deciding on one, assess how you want your house to serve you. Are you a minimalist? Are you a traveller? Do you spend more time outside of your house than in it? Who are you sharing your home with, and what are their preferences and needs? Are you ready to do this yourself or should you hire an interior stylist? Read on for some ideas that could help you out. 

What should be in a house?

In general, a house should be a place for rest, nourishment, and growth. Therefore, it’s just right to have a bedroom, a kitchen, and the necessary rooms to facilitate growth such as a commode, a room to play, a room to learn, and a room to create. Don’t miss out on the fact, though, that it should conform to your lifestyle and budget. 

Some treat their homes as an extension of themselves. Some consider it a place apart from work. Some consider it as their sanctuary where they recharge and rejuvenate. No matter what purpose you want your house to serve you, this purpose could be a great starting point to pick your theme. Mindfully, if it doesn’t contain what you need or it just gives you something that you don’t want to deal with such as a garden that’s such a big work, containing too much clutter, or too spacious that it removes intimacy within your family, then it’s worth thinking about giving it a makeover.

The second guide you could consider is the other people that will live with you. It needs to be safe for your kids, grandparents, or even guests that may come to visit you. This should be included in the planning overall. 

Finally, it’d also be best to consider your hobbies, vehicles that you own, and if you like gardening or farming to be part of thinking about how it will serve you in the long run.

The best place to start is by buying the furniture that will physically fit in your space. Consider the appliances that you need, and choose quality over quantity to guide you through.

What styles are there?

  1. Traditional – You want to keep the vintage appliances, the rustic look, and the antique decors you have, but you need a fresher look. Don’t worry, there’s always a way to revamp it. Try moving the furniture around to give it a different vibe. Consider putting fresh plants, more natural light, and a touch of fabric. You’ll be surprised at how it may end up beautifully with minimal cost.
  2. Modern – If you’re into the trending gadgets, hi-tech lighting, and smart living, you may adopt some modern hues. A mix of black, grey, and white with accents of burgundy, lacquer, and glass may do your rooms some modernization. While this usually reflects an obsessive-compulsive homeowner, its cleanliness and simplicity become its infamous trademark. 
  3. Classic – There are timeless styles that reflect beauty where countless parties are held and personalities are celebrated. Most often than not, this is how mansions are stylized where the higher-ups gather over an afternoon tea, ride their horses, or how an ancestral home stands. But this isn’t impossible to attain having the basic structure of how classical style should appear. Tweaking it to extract a more personal attack may even serve you better.
  4. Contemporary – It is mostly artistic. Murals on the walls, geometric décor, and accents that are bold with a calm background, setup, or neutral ambience make a house contemporary. It hails space, lighting and plain colours like beige, off-white, brown, light brown. But you shouldn’t limit yourself with just that. It also gives way to patterned tiles and abstract upholstery for neutralization of anything plain.

Themes that you could consider while considering the above-mentioned styles:

  1. Parisian – always elegant, classy and involving black, white, and red. This theme narrows all of the choices that could be popping in your mind, reducing it into anything Paris. Furry carpet, velvet ottoman combined with an off-white sofa set. 
  2. Coastal – Think blue, striped, white, fresh. With today’s fast-paced, internet-addicting era, anybody and everybody need a place where they could relax and detox from social media.
  3. Minimalist – Anything that makes everything look simple, tidy, and hassle-free. No more remote controls, long electric wires, the need for extension cords, and old school clutter. This is a theme that is most favourable to those who have toddlers already. The more furniture is out of reach of children, the better.

These are just a few of the themes out there. It’s important to gather images online or from resources that could help you in figuring out what could be the best theme based on how you want your house to serve you. 

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