7 Simple Customer Service Tips All Retailers Should Try

7 Simple Customer Service Tips All Retailers Should Try

When you run a small retail store, customer service is in the centre of every decision you make. There might be a good deal of debate surrounding’ the customer is always right’, but there’s not any debate about this: you want to provide truly excellent customer service to keep shoppers coming back.


  1. Concentrate on the Customer Facing You: 

The telephone is ringing, you have online orders to fill, and there is a line of people that will need to be checked out in the register.  Juggling responsibilities comes with the territory when you have a small company. Nobody is more important than the client waiting for help in your store.  All it takes is a few angry customers and passive-aggressive Yelp testimonials to dent company sales.  


  1. If your client wants something they can not find in your shop, offer them choices:

Head to that back room to search for those adorable boots in size 8, even if you’re pretty sure they are not there.  Give them a rain check or the chance to purchase now and enjoy free delivery once the item restocks. Even if they turn you down, most clients will remember the excess effort.  They may also share their experience with family and friends, or on social networking, helping to spread the word about your enterprise.


  1. Boost the Checkout Experience:

Long wait times and unpleasant checkout encounters aren’t the hallmarks of excellent customer service.  Retail shops with unfair queuing systems, perplexing in-store contacts, and long lines are sure to leave a sour taste in your customers’ mouths.  Use clear in-store signage to promote last-minute purchases, and adopt procedures and tools which may help you float through long lines during peak business hours.


  1. Introduce Employees and Clients by Name:

In today’s retail world, you have seconds to contact customers and make a fantastic impression.  If you will need to turn over a client to another worker, introduce your co-worker by name and be sure that you use your client’s name also.   Referring to other people by title through a sales interaction makes the experience feel private, building a connection that is tough to break.


  1. Don’t Hover:

As a merchant, you need to strike a careful balance between being helpful and being overzealous.  It’s among the more nuanced customer service skills. Clients want you to be available to answer questions, open a dressing room, or ring up a purchase the second they are ready — but they do not need you hovering over them as they navigate.  


  1. Keep your Employees Happy:

You might be asking yourself how this has anything to do with excelling in client service — the happier employees are, the more productive they’re likely to be.   They deserve to take their breaks in an area that is comfortable and relaxing. Small changes, like offering a comfortable chair or two, can energize a worker who is having a stressful day.


  1. Smile:

A tough as the job may be, the same is true for your customer service agents.  According to research on the hidden advantages of grinning, waitresses, who smiled made more tips that non-smiling waitresses.  If you create grinning a priority on your retail store, you will create a welcoming atmosphere for the clients.

 For smaller retailers, improving customer satisfaction may be the difference between thriving and living. Leverage these seven retail hints to improve customer service on your shop.

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