You Need A Humidification Pouch

You Need A Humidification Pouch

For hundreds of years, cigar smokers have been struggling with humid and changing weather, but even the wise have a chance to lose sight of them. Your unintentional mistakes of changing weather ruin the precious cigars. The Humidification Pouch is different from ordinary zip lock bags in its unique moisturizing function design, convenient and practical. With it, you can enjoy cigars on the road when you are away.

As long as you use a moisturizing bag, these tedious processes are no longer. You no longer require to infer whether or when you want Humidification and water. You need to put a certain amount of Humidification Pouch in your cigar box (the amount depends on how many cigars you have), and you are done!

Shortcomings Of Traditional Humidifiers

First, traditional humidifiers need to add water regularly, and the problem is that you don’t know when to refill the water until you find that the humidity displayed by the hygrometer has dropped. Then you have to rush to the supermarket downstairs to find distilled water. But a humidification pouch has solved the cigar storage problems.

What Is A Humidification Pouch?

This kind of stuff is called Propylene Glycol Humidifier, which is a high-tech product specially designed for the humidor. The saturate composed of natural salt and pure water wrapped in a semi-permeable and reverse osmosis film, placed on the humidifying box’s surface, can maximize its effectiveness and maintain the environment’s relative humidity in the box.

Put wet paper towels (remember not to use damp paper towels) in a small zip lock bag. The moisture absorbed in the paper towels can provide the required humidity for the cigar. Then open the mouth of the small zip lock bag (this can ensure moisture circulation), put it in another slightly larger zip lock bag, then place your Cuban cigars inside the pouch and seal it closed.

Easy Solutions For Cigars Storage

A small Humidification Pouch can solve the urgent need for the temporary storage of cigars. The Humidification Pouch has a zip lock bag’s function and can maintain a specific humidity in the bag, suitable for storing cigars for a short time. You can use two zip lock bags of different sizes to make a straightforward cigar moisturizing pack.

How To Use A Humidification Pouch?

According to the official statement, one Humidification Pouch for about 50 cigars is enough, and the Humidification Pouch Will dry up into a flat piece in about two months.

Of course, because the moisture absorbed by the paper towel will evaporate, and the zip lock bag is not completely sealed, you need to check the humidity of the paper towel from time to time. If necessary, replace the wet paper towel to ensure the humidity of the cigar.

If you find it a little troublesome to frequently open the zip lock bag and change the wet tissues, a special Humidification Pouch is a better choice. Relative Humidity Selection For Different Types Of Humidification Pouches- 65%, 69%, Or 72%

The temperature of each city is different, and the humidity requirements of each cigar customer are additional. The beauty of the Humidification Pouch is that there are three different humidity standards to choose from. This high-tech product accurately controls the humidity error in the air at +/-2%. No wonder it has been used by many museums and laboratories in foreign countries to store valuables.

The Best Storage Method

Is to put the cigar in a space that can keep the temperature at 16-20°C and the humidity at 60%~70%. Below 12°C, the expected cigar ripening process will be weakened, and it will easily cause the cigar to become brittle and dry. The most important thing about cigars is high temperature. If it is higher than 24°C, it is likely to be damaged by the cigar. On the one hand, it will. And the humidification pouch can maintain the required temperatures.

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